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                                      MODELS 132, 132-A, 132-B, 132-C


1.         If the track requires curving do so now. Follow instructions on curving track for bending tool being used.


2.         If tracks need to be spliced, install the splice clamps now.  Be sure to check the alignment of the tracks and the condition of the ends of the track sections.  If the ends of the tracks have burrs or a rough edges, remove them with a file.  The sections of the Model 1324 splice clamps are positioned between the top and middle flange of the Model 1300 track.


3.         Install the 1308 hanging clamps or 1423 ceiling clamps with the hardware provided.  Spacing between these device should not exceed 4 feet.  Clamps should be placed on either side of each splice,  each sharp curve, and along the curve of the track if the curve radius is large.


4.         Lift track to its desired location and secure with appropriate hardware and suspension media if needed. 


5.         Install the carriers to the track by sliding them onto the bottom flange of the track.


6,         Install a 1309 End Stop to each open end of track.


7.         A tow line or baton may be attached to the lead carrier to reduce the stress on the curtain fabric as it is operated.


8.         A 1-1/4" pipe stiffener is recommended to provide support all suspended tracks, particularly curved track systems.



TRACK MODEL                                          CARRIER PROVIDED


132                                                                 1301

132-A                                                             1301-A

132-B                                                             1337

132-C                                                             1337-A