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Drapes, Drops, and Dance Floors
629 Grove Street, Lot #26, Jersey City, NJ 07310-1249
Phone: 201-222-1677 Fax: 201-222-1699
Toll Free: 866-988-8055

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Bases and Uprights

For drapery we rent (or sale) 50 lb boom bases, which provide a good stable drapery support up to 14' feet in height. Our uprights are in two adjustable sizes: 6'-10' and 10-14' in height. The uprights come with small c-clamps clamp.gif - 1527 Bytesat the top to hold the 1" drapery support pipe. 50lb.gif - 3674 Bytes
In addition we also have available for rental (or sale) the standard flat based convention pipe and base. Also with adjustable uprights and drapery supports. support.gif - 5828 Bytes upright.gif - 3584 Bytes
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Traveler Track

Track We rent ADC's Model #170 Besteel Track and we sell the complete line of ADC products. For a sampling of the complete ADC line, click here. ADC logo

Kabuki Drops Mechanisms

kabuki.jpg - 11905 Bytes The Kabuki mechanisms allow a drape to fall from the batten to un-veil or reveal whatever is behind. We rent and sell two system models of the kabuki mechanisms. The low-voltage European model is pictured here. For a more complete descriptions, click here.

Projection Screens

We proudly sell the complete line of Da-Lite front and rear projection screens and accessories, including Roll Drops Mechanisms dl-logo.gif - 8109 Bytes

Ballet Barres

We have available for direct shipment from the factory a complete line of ballet barres including adjustable and fixed wall mounted units as well as portable and freestanding units

We continually change and upgrade our inventory. Please call to inquire about additional stock and available inventory

Most of our curtains have tie line at the top for easy attachment to track, pipe batten, or truss. Unless otherwise note all velours are sewn flat with no added fullness. For a fuller, pleated look, we recommend between 50% and 100% extra width of drape. For example, a 20-foot opening could use two 9-foot wide flat drapes.

Remember that we also manufacture new custom drapes.