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Drapes, Drops, and Dance Floors
629 Grove Street, Lot #26, Jersey City, NJ 07310-1249
Phone: 201-222-1677 Fax: 201-222-1699
Toll Free: 866-988-8055

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The Joseph C Hansen Company:

A Proud Tradition

Danish Sail making brothers Joseph C Hansen, Sr., Paul, and Max immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century, settling in Brooklyn NY. With the age of sail coming to a close, the family moved to the present Manhattan brownstone location in 1917, putting their talents to work in the theatre industry.

The Hansens were very involved in the history of American Theatre. The brothers introduced modern sharkstooth scrim to the United States. Some old-timers still refer to it as "Hansen-Scrim." The brothers made Mary Martin's original flying suit for Peter Pan, she even learned to 'fly' in our original building at 423 West 43rd Street in NYC. (we strongly recommend you call Flying by Foy the leading experts in the field fro these services today)

Over the years, Joe Sr., Paul, and Max, were joined by Joe Jr, Joe III, and their families. By the late 1970's, the company was being managed by the original Max Hansen, Joe Jr's wife Ria Hansen, her son Joe III. In 1980, Alex Nixon bought the company and building from the family, becoming Max's "last apprentice."

Most recently, in 2003, Barney Simon has taken over the day to day management of the company; bringing with him over twenty years experience in the sale, rental, and installation of drapery and dance floor. He plans to build on Hansen's fine reputation as the premiere rental source for stage curtains and drops. In addition to serving the drapery rental needs of both film and theater communities, the Joseph C. Hansen Company plans to offer increased installation, design, and delivery services, and will now stock flooring, track, tape, and hardware.