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Drapes, Drops, and Dance Floors
629 Grove Street, Lot #26, Jersey City, NJ 07310-1249
Phone: 201-222-1677 Fax: 201-222-1699
Toll Free: 866-988-8055

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Photo and Interview Drops

Gray Mottled Sponge Photo Drop # 23.1
21' wide x 15' high

Salmon Spatter Photo Drop # 6.1
24' wide x 12'-6" high

Blue-Violet Sponge Texture Photo Drop #2.1
11'-10" wide x 13'-6" high

We have several painted backdrops specifically design as neutral textured backgrounds for photographer or video interviews.

Blue-Gray Sponge Texture Photo Drops #1.A and #1.B
13'-6" wide x 11'-10" high
13' wide x 12' high

Brown Suede Sponge Texture Photo Drops # 7.1 and 8.1
18' wide x 11'-6" high
19' wide x 12'-6" high

Gray-Green TexturePhoto Drop #45.1
18' wide x 11'-9" high

Yellow/Brown Cloud Texture Photo Drop #5.1
23' wide x 12' high

"Notes on color: Dye lots vary; colors change with age, cleaning and re-flame proofing; screen colors are close representations of actual colors, but are not exact"

Colors include blue/grey, blue/violet, teal, warm brown, salmon, brown suede, and mottled brown.

We continually change and upgrade our inventory. Please call to inquire about additional stock and available inventory

Remember that we also manufacture new custom drapes.