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Drapes, Drops, and Dance Floors
629 Grove Street, Lot #26, Jersey City, NJ 07310-1249
Phone: 201-222-1677 Fax: 201-222-1699
Toll Free: 866-988-8055

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Painted Scenic Drops

We have had two lines of painted scenic drops. WE ARE PHASING THESE OUT. Their condition is spotty and we do not have enough to really be able to offer a broad line.

First are the sepias. Originally painted in the 1930's by New York's premier scene shop of the time: E.W. Dunkle. George Dunkle,. the shop's star artist, painted these drops as well as drops for Salvadore Dali's designs for the New York City Ballet.

The second line consists of full color drops, some for photographers and interviewsthumb_graymottled_jpg.jpg - 2463 Bytes and some thumb_cityparkstatuebenches.jpg - 3043 Bytesfull stage scenic drops, designed specifically with specific show and scenes in mind, but generic enough to be used in several applications and situations.

We continually change and upgrade our inventory. Please call to inquire about additional stock and available inventory

Most of our curtains have tie line at the top for easy attachment to track, pipe batten, or truss. Unless otherwise note all velours are sewn flat with no added fullness. For a fuller, pleated look, we recommend between 50% and 100% extra width of drape. For example, a 20-foot opening could use two 9-foot wide flat drapes.

Remember that we also manufacture new custom drops.