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Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

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Quotes are valid for 10 days. Cancellation Fee Schedule: 25% if canceled after job has been signed and confirmed; 50% if between 96 and 24 hours prior to scheduled start of rental; 100% if canceled less than 24 hours prior to start of rental.


The person placing orders with Joseph C. Hansen Co., Inc. (hereafter know as JCH) and/or signing the agreement is presumed to be acting with the authority and on the responsibility of the renter. Payment in full is expected and due upon receipt of the rented item(s). The renter is liable for all applicable taxes, unless a properly executed NEW YORK STATE Tax Exempt or Resale Certificate is supplied to JCH prior to the start of the rental period and/or payment. All orders are COD. Prices are quoted and payment is expected in US Dollars, payable in cash, company check (with approval), or credit card.

Rental Period

All rentals are based upon actual days out of JCH’s position. Rentals are expected to be back in the shop on the dates specified in the contract. All rental charges are based upon the time that the item(s) are in the possession of the renter – be it one day or seven – whether the rented items are used or not. In the event that the renter fails to return the item(s) when due or fails to abide by any of the other terms of this contract; JCH may repossess them without notice to the renter and is released from any and all claims arising there from. The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless JCH.

Extended Rental

In the event that the rental period is extended beyond the initial return date, the renter must notify JCH and remit the additional rental fees and taxes due.


The renter is responsible for picking up and returning the rented items to JCH. If the rented item(s) are shipped by bus, air, or other means of transportation, the necessary shipping time to and from the renter must be included as part of the rental period. Whether rented item(s) are picked up by messenger or are shipped, payment is considered binding acceptance of terms and conditions of rental in lieu of signature. The renter agrees that item(s) shipped by JCH are to be shipped to the renter freight charges and insurance collect and returned to JCH freight and insurance charges prepaid. If the rented item(s) are damaged or destroyed in transit, the renter agrees that he/she is liable for the difference between the insurance coverage purchased from the carrier and the repair/replacement cost(s) of the damaged/destroyed rented item(s). Receipt and “acceptance” of rented items, returned by the client personally or by agent or carrier, merely constitutes return of the rented items. It does not absolve the renter of responsibility for returning rented item(s) in the same condition in which it/they were rented. This includes and specifically refers to the deductible on the renter’s insurance policy.

Defective Credit

It is agreed that this warranty shall be in lieu of all warranties of fitness and in lieu of the Warranty of Merchantability. JCH warrants that any product delivered to the renter is within industry standards for such products. No other express warranty is given and no words or actions of JCH or its representatives will constitute a warranty or fitness for an intended use.

Damage and Damage Charges

If rented item(s) are damaged or not returned, the renter is wholly responsible and must remit payment for repairs/replacement upon receipt of the invoice. Tape, liquids, grease marks, stains, rips, and steamer marks all can be difficult or impossible to clean or repair. The renter must pay for damages immediately and in turn have his insurance company, if applicable, reimburse the renter directly rather than have JCH wait for reimbursement by the renter’s insurance company. DAMAGE CHARGES ARE IN ADDITION TO RENTAL COST. Renter is fully responsible for any loss or damage to rental item(s) while not in the possession of JCH, including but not limited to cleaning, reflame retarding, and repair of rental item(s)


In the event of non-payment of rental or damage charges, the renter agrees to pay any collection costs incurred to collect the amount due including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

Indemnification and Liability

The Company is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly by the use of the rented item(s). Renters must carry their own liability insurance that fully indemnifies and hold harmless JCH against any and all possible claims, including without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs.

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